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Introduction of Experimental Teaching Center of Shanghai Finance University

        Simulated bank is the beginning of Experimental teaching in Shanghai Finance University in 2002. In 2005, the construction of experimental teaching center was established, the laboratory construction and experiment teaching center in university has been rapid development. In 2010, experimental teaching center in order to build ¡°prominent financial features, covering economics, management, literature, law, science, engineering and other disciplines of the comprehensive experimental teaching base¡± as the goal to further integration the various disciplines of laboratory resources. The establishments of nine experimental teaching centers are modern financial experimental teaching center, modern management experimental teaching center, modern trade experimental teaching center, economic information experimental teaching center, financial law experimental teaching center, financial English experimental teaching center, Arts and Humanities experimental teaching center, public infrastructure experimental teaching center, entrepreneurship education experimental teaching center. The experimental teaching center consists of several laboratories; the total construction area of 7400 square meters.
        In the laboratory construction and experiment teaching practice for many years, the target of the experiment teaching center sets by the goal of "the training objective of application, combination, innovation, internationalization", which implements the concept of excellent financial training talents, to the cultivating of students' innovation spirit and practical capabilities as the aspects of laboratory construction. Gradually formed the characteristics of ¡°standardization, platform, authenticity, practicality, openness¡± in terms of construction, experimental teaching reform, management of laboratories and experimental teaching, and teachers.
        The experimental teaching center makes use of the information technology as a method to introduce some operation software which is used by banks, enterprises, which can simulate the business environment, build a stable and efficient experimental teaching software and hardware platform. The experimental teaching center has more than 2600 units (sets) of experimental facilities and equipments, more than 50 sets of experimental teaching software, and 2 sets of financial information database. In 2005, the experimental teaching center was awarded the title of "the information-based teaching demonstration unit" in Shanghai.
        In practical teaching, our university has gradually formed the concept of ¡°competency-based, career-oriented" as goals of education, a curriculum goal of ¡°comprehensive professional competence¡±, a learning goal of ¡°knowledge construction¡±, and a teaching goal of ¡°behaviors oriented". In the setting of experimental courses, forming the basis experiments (training) + professional experiment (training) + comprehensive experiment (training) + innovation experiment (training)". In the experimental teaching method, we make full use of case teaching method, situational teaching, and encourage students to simulate the real environment, experience, inquiry, and seek the truth. In the experimental teaching assessments, we are initiated by the banks¡¯ auspices of the "true" examination, and the occupation qualification certificate examination. In the experimental teaching methods, we make full use of modern educational technology, which opens up the network classroom. In 2005, a course called Explorative teaching of international business training has won the two prizes of Shanghai teaching achievements. The university actively carries out the second classroom experiment forms of activities, occupation skill and qualification certificate training. There have been many students who won prizes in the municipal and national competitions.
        The experimental teaching center takes regulation¡¯s construction as the starting point, to strengthen the standardized management of laboratory and experimental teaching. The basic regulation of experimental teaching is formed by quality guarantee system, laboratory construction project¡¯s management system, and the laboratory operation & maintenance management system. Learning actively encourage teachers in all departments are participating in the experimental teaching with working experience, which has formed a team with professional and experimental teachers.
        Under the new historical conditions, all the staff of the experimental teaching center will further explore rules and features of the application of university teaching, speed up the pace of reform to adapt to the development of science and society, and strive for making greater contribution to the three types of talent cultivation.